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Bottle/jar warmer and sterilizer

Chicco bottle/jar warmer and sterilizer. Combines heater and disinfection in one device.  . Can defrost both milk and jars.

  • Warms up bottles and food in jars.
  • Warms up both breast milk and formula
  • Warms 150ml bottle in around 3 min*
  • Warms up breast milk slower to maintain the nutrients in the milk.
  • Sterilizes 1 bottle and other small items suchs as bottle nipples and pacifiers in 5 minutes.
  • Sterilizes and removes 99.9% of bacteria and germs.
  • Adapt the heater to your need. Has 27 different systems to heat the food/milk depending on e.g. the size of the bowl, the temperature of the milk, the type of foods, powdered milk, breast milk or puree and more.
  • Can be used with most bottles on the market, even the ones with removable bottom.
  • Keeps the food/bottle warm for up to 1 hour.
  • Turns itself off when heating/disinfection is complete.
  • Beeps when it has finished heating/sterilizing.
  • Comes with a basket for easy removal of the bowl/jar.

*Based on 150 ml Chicco Natural feeling with formula that is at room temperature and the time it takes to warm it to 37°C. 

Prices are shown as monthly prices. You pay the first month in advance and the following payments will be sent to your online bank.

Do you want to rent the product for a certain period of time that we do not offer? Contact us or include the time period you wish for in a note with your order.

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Bottle/jar warmer and sterilizer

1.390 kr


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