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Mealsteam food processer

Chicco Easy Mealsteam food processer is compact and easy to use.

Steams, mixes, dehydrates and warms up food.

The design of the bowl ensures even distribution of the steam and thus maintains all the nutrients and flavor of the food. The food is then pureed in the machine.

A knife is attached to the lid of the machine which simplifies the puree process, as the food it cut directly into the machine. The child's food therefore never comes into contact with the table surfaces.

Prices are shown as monthly prices. You pay the first month in advance and the following payments will be sent to your online bank.

Do you want to rent the product for a certain period of time that we do not offer? Contact us or include the time period you wish for in a note with your order.

Rental period
1.890 kr

Mealsteam food processer

1.890 kr


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